The Ship's Model Project
is Suspended Until Further Notice...

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- Dennis Fain, Webmaster

If any of you can give info for the information below, There will be a DLG and CG version, so I can send it to the manufacturer for the decals.

Hi Randy,

        The scale of the kit is 1/350 scale.  The length of the kits is
about 19.5" (give or take), about 1.5" wide, and will eventually be about 4"
high.  We will provide decals for all of the class names, as well as the
hull numbers.  The kit will also come with a Seasprite, which isn't
pictured, so if you could, could you provide me with the squadron or
squadrons (the HSL's) which served aboard so those can also be provided?
Finally, what ship squadron and ship division shields are we going to need
to provide for this kit?  Thanks.


Photos below are from the manufacturer: