Updated February 13, 2010

Greetings, shipmates!

My name is Dennis Fain (crew 1-93 through Decom), and I assumed the task of Webmaster at the request of Bob Borland, former President of the website.  I believe the "Joey D" deserves this website as a memorial.  I also believe that we, her former crew, deserve this website as a link to fellow shipmates, a memorial to fallen heroes, an information and reference point, and for many other reasons that don't require any explanation at all. 

The website was originally created by Randy Mink, but when he was unable to support it I stepped in... it was offline for a couple months while the account was delinquent. I will do my best to maintain the site until further notice, but it is currently costing $17.95 per month, billed to my personal credit card, and is supported entirely by Dues and Contributions.  If you are willing to contribute, I have set up a Dues and Contributions page using my PayPal Business Account*.  Together, we'll keep on steaming... 

Message Forums and Chat Room Notes:

I have not had time to look into these.  I don't know what tasks are required to maintain them, moderate them, run them, etc.  When I get a chance, I'll look into it.  If there are any volunteers to take over those areas, please step forward!

Ship's Store and Ship's Model Notes:

When it comes to Ship's Store items, the ship's model and other projects Randy was working on... I don't have any idea what the source of these items is supposed to be, and I have no points of contact concerning them.  Regrettably, the Ship's Store is closed until further notice, awaiting a volunteer (or volunteers) to figure it all out again and be the store keeper(s).  Any retired SK's need a part-time volunteer job?  The Ship's Model project is also suspended until I get more information about it.  If any of you know any details, please share them with me:


- Dennis Fain
*Compatible Computer Services