USS Josephus Daniels Memorial

For the Crew of the Daniels who have returned to the Sea of Eternity

The Lone Sailor


The Lone Sailor statue represents all people who ever served, are serving now or who are yet to serve in the Navy. The Lone Sailor is a composite of the U.S. Navy bluejacket, past, present and future. He's called the Lone Sailor, yet he is hardly ever alone, standing there on the broad granite plaza which forms the amphitheater of the Navy Memorial. Visitors to the Memorial are immediately drawn to him to peer into his far seeing eyes, to admire him or size him up, to see if he's as tough or as gentle as he seems. Visitors find that he is all that he seems and probably more.

SK3 Ronald W. Appleby (Plankowner)

Family were owners of Appleby Boats of Lebanon, Missouri-line later sold to Sears Roebuck and Co.

1965-1967 Died Feb. 2002
MR1 Curtis Bird 1982-1985 Died July 21, 2001
ET1 William(Bill) E Chambers (Plankowner)

Died of Lung cancer at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, March,1966.  First crewmember that passed away.

Captain O. C. Chisum 1977-1978  
MM2 R.P.Cline  (Plankowner)

Killed Auto Accident while on leave 1966?

1965-1966 1966?
CS Pat Gellet 1966  
SK2 Marshall Lee Haywood (Plankowner) 1965-1967 Died Sept. 7, 2000
SH2 Roger Levasseur (Plankowner)

Ships Barber/Ships Store Operator

1965-1967 1990's?
LT John A Mansfield  CIC 1969-1972 Died 1972
Captain G. R. Nagler 1970-1971
LTCDR Jackson Knowles Parker III (Plankowner)

First Chief Engineer.  "Jack" was a  former MMC that advanced to Chief Machinist Mate W-3 and converted to LT (LDO) prior to reporting to BIW as the Pre-Commissioning Engineer Officer.  While on board, Jack augmented to Regular Line Officer and was immediately advanced to LtCdr with a "Spot Promotion".  He subsequently left the ship for a billit as XO on a DDG and later took command of another DDG as a CDR.  "Jack" finished his career as a Rear Admiral, (upper half), as Commander Naval Operating Base Norfolk.  Jack did very well in the Navy considering that he was not a High School Graduate,(he did have a GED.) He had no 'Formal Education' past the 10th grade.

1964-1967 1990's?
CS2 Vernon Ritz (Plankowner)

Worked in the Galley

1965-1967 ?
EN1 Gene Edward Stroing (Plankowner) 1965-1967 Died May, 2002
MM2 Mike Vadnais 1977?-1980? Died ?
MMFN Joe Weatherley 1977?-1980? Died ?
DSMC Phil Williams (Plankowner)

Phil served aboard from 1964-1967.  He was in the Pre-Commissioning Crew that took the ship from BIW Shipyard in Bath, ME through the first Med. Deployment, 1966-1967.  He came aboard as a DSCS and advanced to DSMC while serving on the USS Josephus Daniels DLG-27.

1964-1967 Died Dec. 8, 2002


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