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The Reunion was great!!! Though “Isabel” tried to run us off and ruin our weekend - we stood our ground and had a terrific time. It was three days of no electricity, no hot food (oh there were the wings that Bob Borland brought from Pennsylvania), no hot water, and windows crashing in all over the hotel. The cold showers were very invigorating in the morning and really got us going. We spent the majority of our time in the hospitality room just talking and getting to know each other. Most of us were on the 4th floor or above in the hotel with no working elevators - so that was a nice walk every time you went to your room.

The friendships my husband and I made were everlasting and amazing. There were about 30 people in total from all over - Tennessee, Mississippi, Minnesota, Maine, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and more. I wish I could list all the wonderful friends I made - but the list would go on and on. Every person that attended was absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to see everyone at the next reunion.

I would like to take a moment to thank Bob Trader and his wife Sam. They went above and beyond in opening their house to us on Saturday evening for a great BBQ. With only about 12 hours notice they both prepared a meal fit for royalty. The food was absolutely mouth watering. Bob and Sam were both voted in as the reunion coordinators for the next reunion. If the BBQ at their house is any indication to what the next reunion will be like - I have no doubt it will be well worth attending!

I would also like to thank Ed and Joan Ramirez for finding a pizza place that was actually open for business on Friday night. They delivered us about 9 pizzas late Friday night and what a sight that was - seeing hot pizza come into the hospitality room with many hungry people. After a day of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, pop tarts, etc., a nice hot pizza was what we all needed. Thanks again Ed and Joan for braving Isabel to feed us all!

I would also like to thank Bob Borland, Randy Mink, Chris Behan, and Mike Lovett for a wonderful reunion weekend. This weekend would not of happen without the help of all these guys and the time and dedication they put into this. It’s a lot of work and everyone pulled together and made this reunion weekend well worth remembering. I would just like to know who actually invited Isabel?!?! Also, thank you very much for letting the Joey D Lady Cruisers get involved and in allowing us to join all you men on your weekend of remembering the Joey D.

There is not a thing I personally would change about the reunion - I think everything happens for a reason and this one enabled all of us to make new friends and listen to great sea stories from all time periods of the Joey D. James and I will definitely be at the next reunion no matter what it takes for us to get there.

I could probably go on forever about all the happenings and friendships at the reunion, but must bring this to an end.

This is not the end of the Joey D Lady Cruisers - we are still up and strong. Please if you have any comments or suggestions for this part of the webpage please email me and let me know.

Thanks Again,

Stacey Backman

Joey D Lady Cruisers Auxiliary President

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